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    Home Center 3

    22,949 ج م
    The most advanced FIBARO smart home management unit

    Home Center 3 lite

    7,953 ج م
    Central managing unit for FIBARO System. LITE version.


    5,612 ج م
    FIBARO Swipe is a revolutionary battery gesture control pad that allows you to control devices in your Z-Wave network without actually touching anything. Swipe up, down, left, right, make a circular gesture and use sequences to get full and intuitive control of your home.


    1,881 ج م
    FIBARO KeyFob is a Z-Wave Plus compatible, battery-powered, compact remote control. Six buttons allow you to control other devices through the Z-Wave network and run various scenes defined in FIBARO System. Configure actions for one, two, three clicks, holding the button and button sequences to suit all your needs. Built-in locking system will ensure that unauthorized person will not take control of your home.

    Walli Roller Shutter

    2,315 ج م
    FIBARO Walli Roller Shutter is a smart wall switch designed to control motors of roller blinds, awnings, venetian blinds and other single phase, AC powered devices via Z-Wave network. It measures active power and energy consumed by the controlled load. You can install it with provided cover plate and switch button or other compatible.

    Walli N Line

    2,315 ج م

    Walli N Line - Ethernet outlet

    2,315 ج م

    جهاز استشعار تسريب المياه

    2,243 ج م 1,697 ج م
    مستشعر تسرب المياه (السوائل) يساعد على اكتشاف تسرب السوائل وارسال انذارات تحذيرية الى هاتفك، كذلك فانه مدمج به مستشعر لدرجة الحرارة ومستعر امالة للحماية من السرقة

    Smoke Sensor

    2,436 ج م
    FIBARO Smoke Sensor is a universal, optical Z-Wave smoke detector. Fire alarm is signaled by sound, visual indicator blinking and by sending Z-Wave alarm and control commands. The optical sensor detects smoke at an early stage of fire, often before flames appear and temperature starts to rise significantly. Moreover the device has a built-in temperature sensor, which is programmable indicator of exceeding set temperature level. FIBARO Smoke Sensor is designed to be placed on a wall or ceiling. Visual indicator signals fire, operating mode and is used to see if device is within the Z-Wave network. The smoke sensor is designed to operate in confined spaces, under normal conditions (lacking smoke, dust, condensed water vapor).

    Motion Sensor

    2,177 ج م
    FIBARO Motion Sensor is a universal Z-Wave multi-sensor. Along with detecting motion the device measures the temperature and light intensity. The sensor has a built-in accelerometer to detect any tampering of the device. The FIBARO Motion Sensor is battery powered device and designed to be installed quckly and easily on any surface. The LED indicator signals motion, temperature level, operating mode and can be used to see if device is within the Z-Wave network. The Motion Sensor can be used for lighting scenes and presence monitoring systems.