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    Privacy policy

    Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information

    We welcome you and thank you for your interest and for reading the privacy policy and confidentiality of information page of the digital shopping platform, which includes the website and mobile applications. We are pleased to provide our services for safe online shopping to all users, customers and stores, and we would like to thank you also for your trust and approval of the terms mentioned on this page, and out of our full awareness of the user’s rights and privacy and the importance of such data, the digital shopping platform team seeks to preserve the information of users in accordance with the privacy policy mechanism and the confidentiality of the information in force, and we take all preventive measures and measures to protect that data according to the highest safety standards .

    We explain to you the privacy policy and confidentiality of information according to which your information will be dealt with, and please read it carefully and it is as follows
    The data we require from visitors to the digital shopping platform
    - The user's personal login information in order to be able to subscribe and obtain services such as user name, password, e-mail, mobile phone number and other basic information, including data that was provided upon other joint registrations in the case of logging in using social networking sites or subscribing to Our services or request other services
    - Record correspondence in case you contact us
    - Entering and browsing data on products and promotions through our website, completing surveys or evaluations of products or stores, or providing reviews or comments.
    - If you use our mobile application, we may be able to access details related to the user's location and the location of your mobile phone after approval by the user, including your device's unique identifier.
    - Details of transactions made through our website and details of our processing and delivery of the goods you ordered.
    - We collect some other data in order to know visitors' requests and work to fulfill those requests, such as the device used to browse the platform, the operating system, the type of browser used, and the visitor's protocol address
    General, aggregate, demographic, and non-personal data.
    Any other data we consider necessary to enhance the digital shopping experience of customers and users
    - The nature of the electronic platform may impose some information related to cookies for electronic purposes that facilitate the interaction between the platform and the user.
    Additional data that we require from the merchant in order to be able to register on our platform as a seller:
    - Our platform requests a set of data so that the merchant can register on our platform as a seller and benefit from the services we provide, such as full name, store name, email, password, mobile phone number and address.
    - Our platform requires some other data in order for the seller to benefit from electronic payments, such as the number and image of the commercial register, a copy of the identity card, IBAN number, bank account data and all other payment methods data
    - Some data from the merchant, such as the type of device and browser used to enter the platform, the time the merchant entered the platform, as well as the merchant's protocol address.
    - The digital shopping platform stores all the data of the merchants’ payment methods that are used in the process of electronic payments and the sale of products, as well as in the case of paying subscriptions (packages) available on our platform, and we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all financial transactions that take place between the platform and the merchants participating in it. .
    - We may need some personal data from the merchant’s customers, such as the customers’ emails, their names and their phone numbers, in order to work on improving the services provided by us, knowing the customers’ needs and working on their implementation

    Our uses of data about users of our Platform:
    - Platform users' data is used in specific cases and for the employees responsible for doing so.
    - In order to improve our website to provide better service to the user
    - To provide better and customized services, to manage incentive programs, and to fulfill requests for benefits, offers, discounts, incentives, competitions, and for any other reason we deem necessary to promote an enjoyable and safe shopping experience.
    To provide users with information, notices, products or services that are requested or that we think may be of interest to them, by agreeing to be contacted or alerted for such purposes
    - The data is used to provide services based on the location in which the user is located, such as advertising, search results and other content tailored to the user and to ensure that content is provided in the most effective manner
    - We may use the data to implement the obligations arising from any contracts concluded between users and any other party that uses our site, or between the user and the digital shopping platform
    - The digital shopping platform works in all ways to maintain the integrity of the platform and the safety of the users participating in it, and if there is any violation by any user of the site or application, this will make it fall under the terms and conditions of the users’ terms
    - To be notified of updates, services and changes that are implemented through the digital shopping platform
    - We may retain a copy of the data for the purposes of compliance with laws, in particular when users update information where we keep a copy of the previous data for our records.

    How do we protect visitor information?
    - Periodic maintenance and a comprehensive survey of the entire digital shopping platform was carried out in order to discover security holes and known vulnerabilities in order to make the online shopping experience as safe as possible.
    - Your personal information is collected behind secured networks and can only be accessed by a limited number of people who have special access to such systems, and are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information, in addition to all