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    Terms of sale

    Seller's terms, policies, and provisions

    Sellers features on

    - Seller can create an online store and a web page on the one-stop innovation shop with his information from the name, address, logo, and phone number to add products and goods.

    - Take advantage of all the basic services of the digital shopping platform with the possibility of searching for products in the name of shop, brand, category, city, price, and other features.

    - The possibility of providing value-added services, digital marketing, and advertising services, and additional premium advertising on-demand at separate prices.

    Seller's Obligations

    - Compliance and approval of the seller's terms and conditions, general terms and conditions, and policies and guidelines of, which are adjusted from time to time and are an integral part of the terms of use of the 100 100 platform.

    - We may ask you to expressly agree to these seller's terms and conditions and general terms and conditions, and the terms, policies, and guidelines of by clicking the acceptance button to confirm your consent (this electronic signature is considered to be an original signature) and/or by actual signature if you call the laws applicable in Egypt.

    General provisions

    - We reserve the right to reject or cancel the publication and/or deletion of any vendor store that violates the seller's terms and conditions, general terms and conditions, or the provisions, policies, and guidelines of 100100.

    - Lists of listed products submitted may be reviewed and approved individually and in accordance with the estimate and prior to publication on the platform, therefore acknowledge and agree that there may be a time limit between submitting the product page to the seller's center and publishing the product page on the platform due to the time required for quality control procedures.

    - Platform may waive, transfer, sub-contract, dispose of its rights and/or obligation under these general terms and conditions.