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    Payment Info

    Payment methods on 100100 store platform

    Online payment

    Payment can be made through the various electronic payment channels available to us for online purchase Mastercard, VISA, Miza cards , or Vodafone Cash , and the product will be shipped within the specified period and geographical location

    Pay online and collect from stores

    You can pay in cash or through electronic payment services for shops and sellers within 3 days from the date of purchase via the platform for digital shopping

    Cash on delivery

    You can pay cash on delivery by cash or using payment machines or various electronic payment methods

    Purchase through 100100 with installment services without interest

    Buy online and pay with electronic payment cards (credit cards) through the network of banks. An interest-free installment service is provided in cooperation with 100100 Store.

    Purchases must not be less than 500 pounds, and the available payment periods will be from 6 to 12 months, according to the policies of the approved banks

    You must choose the installment service without interest before completing the purchase process

    The customer must be fully committed to paying the installments on the specified dates, and he is committed to the full indebtedness before the banks

    Returned operations are not considered part of the installment operations, and you must contact the bank’s customer service to confirm the cancellation

    Online Payment Terms and Conditions

    • Payment on receipt service fees will be added to the total invoice in the event of a service request
    • Cash on delivery service can be free according to the total amount of purchase orders and offers available through 100100
    • The delivery option for some remote areas is not eligible for cash on delivery
    • The shopping cart must not contain a default product and software licenses, insurance item or products shipped from abroad
    • Cash on delivery may be not allowed in your account, depending on your previous receiving experience
    • Payment must be made before opening products such as phones, laptops, etc. that contain the factory seal. Once the seal is broken, the item can only be returned if damaged, counterfeit, defective, or missing parts.
    • If you change your mind and wish to return, an item that is not sealed (unopened) cannot be returned according to our return policies.
    • Credit card information is not saved in the case of online payment after completing the application, but is submitted directly to the bank
    • We care about credibility and confidentiality as the online payment process is done securely and confidentially to maintain privacy